Cooma Monaro Railway

Wheelchair Access

The CMR is regularly visited by individuals who use a wheelchair for mobility. Sometimes they are part of a larger group and sometimes just with one or two travelling partners.  


The CMR is well used to having a person in a wheelchair at Cooma station.  Pictured below is our member Clinton, who has, amongst other things, run the CMR office while our Business Manager is having a holiday break. 

Photo by John Gibson

Clinton has been out on numerous CMR trips to Chakola, boarding the train by making use of a ramp that CMR had custom made for the purpose. Should a visitor's wheelchair be too wide to use the ramp, CMR has a chair on-site at the station that can be used instead.  Access to the station from the carpark (compacted gravel surface) is a wide cement ramp (11% gradient) which leads onto the platform.  There is adequate space in the ticket sales, souvenir shop and model railway room and in one of the toilets.  Needing a wheelchair is not a barrier to taking a ride on the railway!



And whilst on the subject of barriers, some of our guests are pleasantly surprised to find out that having pets does not preclude taking a trip with us.  As long as the pet does not present a hazard or a concern to other passengers (ie is restrained, well mannered etc) then CMR is happy for them to come along.

In fact, a number of the bus tour groups that regularly travelled with us did so accompanied by a dog on board. The closest thing that CMR had to a mascot was our previous Treasurer's female cattle dog, who, complete with her own name tag, met patrons as they alighted from the bus and travelled with them on the train journey.  She never failed to generate a number of compliments on her friendly nature (while not interfering in any way with everyone's enjoyment of the trip).

A Dog's Life

On a recent journey we had as passengers a young couple with their pair of Husky dogs. (Our policy has always been to allow animals on our services as long as they are well behaved and do not trouble any other passengers). After the passengers got off the train, the dogs' owners said that it was the first time since getting them that they had travelled as a family.

Refer to our Group Tours page if you have an upcoming function that would benefit from the unique CMR experience.


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