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The May morning was a frosty one.

But as soon as the sun had melted the frost from the ground, the railmotors were brought out to the platform. Today the CMR was being visited by the latest of a long line of car clubs to select us as the venue for a gathering. The Taree Historic Motor Club were the third motoring group to visit in the last month.  Members of The Cooma Monaro Historic Automobile Club also attended as hosts.  After a sausage sizzle lunch on the platform, the visitors enjoyed a ride out to Chakola, with commentary provided by two CMR members in each carriage.  

The assembled cars provided a great cross section of ages and styles, but all of them were obviously well looked after and very well presented. This desire to preserve and enjoy classic vehicles is one that both the clubs and CMR understand and this affinity is one of the reasons the railway has become such a popular outing. 



Let's Do the Time Warp Again

One day in January a few years ago, Cooma Station and the CMR become the focal point for the National Rally of the Vauxhall Owners Club.  The car park became a sea of colour as Vauxhalls (and Bedfords) of all eras stood proudly on display for public viewing.

People from the Cooma area (and, one suspects, numerous other areas as well) came to admire the cars and appreciate the love and attention given to them by their owners.


All of these vehicles would have been totally in character standing outside the station in their respective eras. It is interesting to note that at 80 years young, CMR's railmotors are probably older than any of the vehicles on display.

One last look around before the sound of the Railmotor's horn announces its arrival back from a trip to Bunyan.




After disembarking, members of the Vauxhall group and members of the public alike could avail themselves of a sausage sizzle provided by our hard working station crew.  And as you can see, the weather came to the party too!


Our sincere thanks go to CMR member John Gibson who provided a comprehensive photographic coverage of the event.


Let's Do the Time Warp Again - Part 2

The CMR seems to have forged strong links to the classic car club movement.  It is likely that people who love and appreciate old cars also appreciate the old trains that existed in the days when their cars were new. They can also see what a good day out results from travelling on a combination of the two.

It was noted during our coverage of the Vauxhall Club's visit that the CMR's railmotors were probably older than any of the cars. That certainly cannot be said about the group who visited us one October. But before looking at them, we have a final photographic postscript to the Vauxhall visit. The club's John Seymour climbed a very high ladder to capture a bird's eye view of the display. Bravely done John!


 During this particular October, it was the turn of the 'VACC Spirit of the Twenties' rally to visit us.  


Once again the Cooma Station car park became the scene of a magnificent display of vintage machines.


The boys (and girls) soon got down to having some serious fun in their beautifully restored cars.


Everyone can readily see the devotion that has gone into keeping these time machines in top working order. It is a devotion that the CMR can readily understand, as we feel the same way about our railmotors.


And probably the railmotors themselves would have been pleased to see other survivors of over 80 years of transportation service.

Once again, our sincere thanks go to CMR member John Gibson who provided a comprehensive photographic coverage of the event.


Those of you who check this site regularly will know that past summers have seen the CMR visited by a number of car clubs.  The car park at Cooma station, with its period backdrop of the refurbished station building, is an ideal venue for display of well cared for automobiles. These visits have been covered in detail on this page, but we can't leave it without mentioning one group who visited us - The Dinosaur Drivers  Club. Before they arrived, we were idly wondering if the name 'Dinosaur' described the cars or the drivers! Fortunately, it was the former. Our CPHs are actually older than any of the cars here, though in a couple of cases, it was a close run thing. 


Classic Train meets Classic Cars


One November day the CMR was visited by a group of MG car club enthusiasts. They enjoyed their journey on the train and we took the opportunity to photograph their beautifully maintained cars. (Note that a modern Mazda MX-5 has joined the lineup in the second photo). Our Peter Lawrence was the man with the camera.


There are more car clubs coming to Cooma in the near future. If your club (car related or not) is seeking a venue that offers good facilities plus the fun of classic train rides, then contact the CMR. (Refer to our Group Tours page if you have an upcoming function that would benefit from the unique CMR experience.)

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