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If you have a group occasion that CMR could assist in making memorable, please contact (02 6452 7791 or email

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CMR has proved to be a very popular outing for groups of all kinds - school groups, social clubs, sporting groups, wedding parties, anniversaries, birthdays, tourist parties and more have all enjoyed their CMR experiences. For instance, school groups visiting Canberra or the Cooma area can organise for a very enjoyable and instructive day by combining a Snowy Hydro Education Program and a journey on the CMR's vintage railmotors.

The CMR has control of the hall situated on the bank of the Numeralla River at Chakola, some 20 kilometres north of Cooma. This gives us a venue which we can offer to groups who charter the train. If desired, CMR can organise for catering for these outings, though most groups prefer to make their own arrangements.

Following on this page and other pages are examples of the types of functions we facillitate.


Night Moves

A number of the CMR charter trips take place at night. A good example occurred recently on the occasion of a 50th birthday party to be held in our hall at Chakola. During the day the units were washed and number 22 received a new coat of paint (which is why it shines so much in the photographs). In the photo below the units wait in the late afternoon light for the guests to arrive.

The party organisers arranged for welcoming drinks to be served on Cooma platform before the train departed.


One new feature of this trip was that the musicians who were to entertain at the hall actually played on the train en-route to Chakola. As the railmotors do not have connecting passageways between them, it was arranged for the train to stop at our intermediate stations so the band could transfer from one car to the next. This ploy worked very well and everyone had a share of the music before the destination.

At Chakola the guests proceeded to the hall for the evening's agenda of eating, drinking, dancing and general merriment. This particular evening seemed to have been blessed with magnificent weather. The moon was large and full (being at a point closest to the earth), the sky was crystal clear and the temperature somewhat more temperate than expected. As it was the train crew were still in short sleeves until 9.30pm! 

The train performed the first of two return trips to Cooma at 9.30pm, for those with young children and those who didn't want to party on until midnight. A second trip saw the remainder of the guests back in Cooma around 1am. The train crew retired to the barracks, satisfied that yet another group of people will take away happy memories of their time with the CMR. 


A Function with a Twist

CMR recently provided the venue and facilities for a dinner occasion with a 'twist'. Members of this organisation had participated in a raffle with the prize of a 'mystery dinner'. As night was falling, the winners were picked up and driven out to Bunyan station.  There they were given cheese sandwiches and bottles of water, wished good night and then abandoned in the gathering darkness!  What must they have thought at this stage!

The lights come on at Cooma Station.

After a few minutes taking in their isolated surroundings, the group perceived a light  approaching down the line from Cooma. The railmotor stopped and the 'surprised' crew, after ascertaining their predicament, offered to take them back to the more comfortable surroundings of Cooma while they worked out what to do next.

The Railmotor returns to Cooma Station.

Upon arrival at Cooma station the surprise is sprung! Inside the station building the group discover a room set up for candlelit dining, where their organisation has provided a gourmet menu and silver service for the remainder of the evening.

A very attractive sight for our wandering winners.


And Daytime Too......

In another example, CMR conveyed some 90 people to a golden wedding anniversary celebration at the hall.

The photo above shows the train crew gathered at the station as steady stream of guests are arriving. The train has been decorated inside and out as the 'Bill and Elsie Special'.

Forty minutes later again, after a journey on which they were served drinks and snacks, the guests leave the train at Chakola station, under a picture postcard sky.

From the station, the view takes in the river and the hall building situated in the grove of trees on the right.

The hall was specially decorated for the occasion. CMR provided all of the food, drink and service during what was proclaimed a very successful and happy event.

Two weeks before this, CMR conveyed 120 people to a wedding reception. Subsequently we have had marriage ceremonies on Cooma station itself, followed by transport of the party to the reception.


I see Red, I see Red, I see Red...

Catholic World Youth Day provided Sydney with the sight of a seemingly never ending parade of smiling, singing, happy youth, many recognisable by their colourful event clothing and backpacks. Well, CMR has been making people of all ages smile for some years now, so it was no surprise when a party of mainly Canadian pilgrims booked for a ride with us as part of their tour around the country. As you can see, they (and their tour guides) did what they do best - enjoyed themselves! (CMR would like to thank The Monaro Post for providing these photos of the occasion.) 



Cooma Station as a Venue

Those of you who have followed this website for a while will know that there is a growing popularity for Cooma Station as a venue for events of all kinds. The building facade, painted in heritage colours, is  a great backdrop for displays held in the large car park area, such as the numerous car clubs that visited us over the summer months. It also fulfills this function for group photographs, taken after a run on the train, or as part of a wedding.  (CMR has had wedding ceremonies performed at the station as well as receptions both here and in our hall at Chakola).  Smaller functions can be held in the station rooms (as per the example above).

The car park also features a fine view over Cooma township. 

Car park, building, platform and railmotors (and Chakola hall) provide a versatile set of facilities for handling functions of all shapes and sizes.

If you have a group occasion that CMR could assist in making memorable, please contact (02 6452 7791 or email

Group Bookings

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