Cooma Monaro Railway

Other CMR Stations


Following are a series of photos of the stations visited on CMR journeys, apart from Cooma itself.

The first of these is Snowy Junction. It is on the outskirts of Cooma, about 3 kilometres from the start of the line. It was named because this is the point that that a line originally branched off to service the Polo Flat industrial area. Indeed, some of the rails can still be seen in the grass adjacent to the main line.

The station was purpose built to cater for patrons of the once a year Cooma Cup horse race meeting in early December. Apart from this, its main use is to pick up and put down CMR signallers to work the two road level crossings between here and Cooma.

The next station, Bunyan, is around 9 kilometres from the start. Once again, the station was purpose built in Cooma for the CMR. It is adjacent to the remains of the original platform, which is now a grass covered mound. The livestock loading facilities are long gone.

As you can see, Bunyan has a siding that permits two trains to stand at the platform at once. CMR has used this feature occasionally to run a two train shuttle service - one train from Cooma to Bunyan, connecting with a second from Bunyan to Chakola. This operation allows every service to go to Chakola, whilst maintaining frequency of service from Cooma.

The view above is looking South back up the grade towards Cooma.

The CMR's current terminus is at Chakola, some 19 kilometres from Cooma on the banks of the Numeralla River. Chakola is an aboriginal word meaning 'Lyre Bird'. Here the remains of the livestock loading facility can be seen on the adjacent siding platform.

Since the CMR came to Chakola, the station has received a new waiting room/ticket office building, station name sign and platform lighting. The building is a replica of the original, which can still be seen from the station, being used as a work shed on a nearby property.

Just north of Chakola is the trestle bridge over the Numeralla river.

Chakola Bridge

The reason CMR cannot travel more than 19 kilometres north towards Canberra is because of the damage to the bridge over the river at Chakola.   It was damaged by flooding some 25 years ago and the railways subsequently closed the line beyond Canberra.  CMR stalwart John Gibson has rummaged through his photo collection to show clearly the extent of the damage.  The task of repair/replacement of the bridge is obviously beyond CMR's modest means, but we remain alert to any possibility that one day it may happen.  





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