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CMR's Sleeper Sponsorship Program

All aboard! - Sponsor a Sleeper. This is your opportunity to support Cooma Monaro's Fantastic Railway. Sponsoring a sleeper will give you the satisfaction in knowing that you have assisted this wonderful, historical railway organisation to continue operating for years to come.

When sponsoring a sleeper you will receive;
- personalised certificate of appreciation,
- entry into a permanent register for display by Cooma Monaro Railway Inc for future generations to observe, and
- tax deductible receipt for your contribution.
Applications are available by downloading the form on this page.

Please print off the sleeper sponsorship form,
Sleeper Sponsorship Form
Fill it in, arrange payment and send form to our PO Box address - Cooma Monaro Railway Inc. PO Box 1327, Cooma, NSW 2630

CMR's Current Status

Further consultations with the industry regulator have raised issues with the governance of CMR Inc, and until these issues are resolved we are unable to continue with the track upgrade program currently underway. At this stage we are unable to say when we will be operational again, but it will be as soon as we can manage. Please continue to monitor this website for any change of status.

Rob Lee's Photos

The second of Rob Lee's photos of Cooma yard taken by a camera mounted on a drone shows us a view of the station never seen before. Up until now, a photographer had to trek up the hill opposite the platform to include the station and the town in a single shot, but the perspective obtained from the drone is immediately eye catching. More of Rob's work to come in future

Successful Grant Application

As a result of some very good work by our ex secretary John Wynes, CMR has been successful in obtaining an Australian Government's Department of the Environment Community Heritage Grant to the value of $10,000.00, to be used to complete the restoration of CPH8. The restoration of CPH8 has always been a top priority for the railway, to give us a backup unit when operating large charters and to ease the load that has been borne over the years by our two hard working motors CPH6 and CPH22. But work on CPH8 has only proceeded in fits and starts for some years now, as demands of an operating railway took up all of our resources' time. The photos below show the situation as it was a couple of years ago, but now the grant will enable a concerted effort to complete the job. (Except, as we are all too aware, first there is the significant effort required to get back to operational status again).

When that happy day comes that CPH8 joins the operational fleet, we may see again the sight of 4 CPHs at Cooma station. The photos below show an occasion years ago when a wedding reception was held on the platform and all 4 units were positioned to provide a wind break while the festivities proceeded

It will be great day when we can run all 4 units together. When CPHs operated in revenue service on the Illawarra line, it was possible to see 5 of them coupled together. Since they were retired to heritage groups, 4 units from 2 different groups have run together on tour, but when all 4 are from the same heritage organization, we believe it will be a unique occasion.

Jenny O'Regan's Photos

This is the third in the series of photos taken by Jenny O'Regan looking forward from outside of the CPH's window whilst it travelled along. In the photo below, the railmotor is about to cross Yareen Road on the return to Cooma. On the original large version of this photo, you can see that it is CMR Vice President John Gibson acting as the lollipop man with the stop sign. Even though this crossing has bells and flashing lights, CMR always mans the level crossings when a train is operating.

Refer to our OPERATIONS page for the schedule of regular CMR services or our Group Tours page if you have an upcoming function that would benefit from the unique CMR experience.  CMR can be contacted on 02 6452 7791 or by e-mail to

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