CMR’s CPHs 22 and 6 head out for another run to Chakola in 2011. (CMR collection)
3256 heads a goods train through the snow to Bombala in 1963. (Ray McDermott photo)
Diesel locomotive 42204 rests in Cooma Locomotive Shed on 19 August 1978. (CMR collection)
4823 leaves the Cooma railway yard on its return run to Sydney in 1979 (Bob Grant photo)
6029 passes 3102 at the southern end of Cooma Station during a heritage rail tour. (Geelong & South Western Rail Heritage Society Collection)
4406 waits to depart Cooma Railway Station. (Geelong & South Western Rail Heritage Society Collection)
1210 is turned on Cooma turntable after arriving with 5910 on a heritage rail tour on 27 May 1989. (Dennis Rittson photo)
1210 leads 5910 as they depart Cooma on 28 May 1989 with a heritage tour train. (Paul Hogan photo)
1243 rests with 1709 at Cooma in 1962. (Ray McDermott photo)
3224 leads another 32-class on a Cooma up-goods in 1963. (Ray McDermott photo)
A DEB set arrives into Cooma in 1982. (Ray McDermott photo)
5615 rests at Snowy Junction in 1963. (Ray McDermott photo)
A pay bus, CPH28 and a DEB set gather at Cooma Station in 1971. (Peter Neve photo)
Railway trikes were commonly used for track maintenance and for attending to the oil lamps used to illuminate railway signals. This photo of a hand-powered trike was taken at Cooma c1958. (CMR collection)
The interior of the Cooma Station Signal Box is today as polished and presentable as it was during government service. (CMR collection)
The CMR collection includes this ex-NSW railways L Truck, received and restored in 2003-04. (CMR collection)
CMR’s track maintenance vehicles includes this Suzuki Hi-Rail vehicle, seen here in 2012. (CMR collection)
CMR took delivery in March 2021 of two NSW CKF 20-ft flatbed container wagons on long-term loan from the NSW State Heritage Collection,. They are to be restored to operational condition. (CMR collection)
Plenty of work occurs behind the scenes at CMR. This fireplace in the District Locomotive Engineer’s Building kitchen was a crumbling mess, CMR volunteers repaired the structure in 2020 as part of the overall building restoration. (CMR photo)