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Update on outcome of SMRC meeting


On Thursday this week, Snowy Monaro Regional Council voted on a resolution to accept an invitation from Kristy McBain, Federal Member for Eden-Monaro, to apply for a $1M grant to commence the construction of a Rail Trail for a length of 3.5km from Bombala. Representatives from both Cooma Monaro Railway and the Friends of Bombala Railway travelled to Bombala to speak to Councillors during the Public Forum and express our support for the shared use of the railway corridor and express the benefits that could be achieved for the town by supporting all three projects. After amendments were made [...]

Update on outcome of SMRC meeting2023-10-21T13:32:43+11:00

Paybus FP11 Roars Back to Life


There were exciting scenes at Cooma Railway Station yesterday as NSW Railways Paybus FP11 roared back to life. Thanks to the efforts of Peter Duffy from Transport Heritage Australia, FP11 has taken another step towards it's return to operation with a successful mechanical shakedown to test the primary systems and identify further maintenance work that is required. Unfortunately, prior to the security fencing being installed around the railway precinct at Cooma, FP11 was a victim of vandalism on multiple occasions resulting in a number of broken windows and substantial graffiti around the exterior. Over recent months, some of [...]

Paybus FP11 Roars Back to Life2023-09-25T17:24:58+10:00

Back to the classroom


It was back to the classroom for our volunteers yesterday as we ramp up our training program to increase the number of people that are qualified in various areas of our operation. One of the exciting aspects of our recent training activities is that we've been able to use the recently restored Cooma Railway Institute building to facilitate our training. For decades, railway workers in Cooma would have used this space for their training and education, so it's great to see this occurring one again. We are still putting the finishing touches on the building restoration, but this space [...]

Back to the classroom2023-09-25T17:16:10+10:00

Yareen Road Level Crossing Rejuvenation


The journey to return tourist trains to the rails took another step today as the team started rejuvenation work on the Yareen Road Level Crossing. This crossing hasn't seen a train for the best part of a decade, so it was definitely in need of some TLC from our track team, who have made some great progress. So far they have: 🔹 Cleaned and removed old paint from the lights 🔹 Removed the old stop and crossing signs 🔹 Cleaned and removed old paint from the control hut 🔹 Painted the light posts and barriers 🔹 First coat of [...]

Yareen Road Level Crossing Rejuvenation2023-09-16T18:14:56+10:00

CMR Cadets Youth Program


Cooma Monaro Railway are very proud to announce the establishment of our CMR Cadets youth program. The CMR Cadet program aims to inspire the next generation of heritage enthusiasts by connecting the youth of the Monaro region with like minded peers, and provide opportunities for them to learn and develop real-world skills through mentoring with industry experts and participation in hands-on projects. Cadets are mentored by industry experts across a wide variety of skills from project management through to a variety of trade skills. Our cadets also have the opportunity to work on their very own restoration projects, where [...]

CMR Cadets Youth Program2023-09-03T19:27:59+10:00

Project Update – Snowy Junction


Thanks to the dedication of our brush cutting maestro Caelan, the Snowy Junction railway precinct is slowly coming back to life. With the majority of the vegetation now cleared, we've been able to expose the various remains of the original Snowy Junction yard, as well as a decades worth of wire and rubbish.The waste and remains of the Polo Flat level crossing that was removed a few years ago have also been dumped throughout the grounds which is disappointing, as we will now have to pay for it's disposal. We are currently working on the re-instatement of this level crossing.We [...]

Project Update – Snowy Junction2023-08-20T18:56:17+10:00

There was movement at the station…


As the word had passed around...well, around our volunteers anyway. Yesterday was a huge day of rolling stock movements in the Cooma yard. The first time in almost a decade that trains have moved along the rails at Cooma. Not only were we able to move Locomotive 3203 into it's new temporary shelter beside the Goods Shed, we were able to re-arrange our heritage wagons so that our current restoration projects, MBC22959 and L759 have been moved into more optimal locations for restoration work. Thank you to all of our volunteers for ensuring that we had such a successful [...]

There was movement at the station…2023-08-15T20:35:51+10:00

Expect the Unexpected – Rail Safety Week 2023


This week we celebrate Tracksafe Rail Safety Week, which is timely with the announcement that trains will be returning to the Monaro. The theme for this year is Expect the Unexpected, which is extremely important to remember for people who live, work or travel along the section of railway line between Chakola and Cooma. When a railway line has been inactive for a period of time, it's easy to become complacent and not approach the railway the caution that we should. 🙋‍♀️It is important to remember: 🔸 Access to an active railway corridor is restricted to authorised personnel only [...]

Expect the Unexpected – Rail Safety Week 20232023-08-15T20:41:44+10:00

It’s Official – Trains are returning to the Monaro


After almost a decade, Cooma Monaro Railway is excited to announce that tourist trains will be returning to the rails of the Monaro. Last week, the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) notified us that our application to be accredited as a Rail Infrastructure Manager (RIM) and a Rolling Stock Operator (RSO) has been approved. This is a huge milestone for CMR and signals the commencement of an exciting chapter for heritage railway in the Monaro. While our first priority is being able to move our rolling stock within the yard at Cooma Railway Station, the issuing [...]

It’s Official – Trains are returning to the Monaro2023-08-07T19:37:25+10:00

Rails and Trails – Sharing The Corridor


Over recent months, we've been asked quite regularly about our current position on the proposed Monaro Rail Trail. Our position hasn't changed and we fully support the development of a walking and cycling trail within the railway corridor that is built to the side of the existing track formation, allowing for tourist trains and trail users to share the corridor. There has been a lot of talk about this concept, but unfortunately, there are some suggestions that a shared concept is not possible, and the only way to construct a rail trail is to completely remove the railway infrastructure [...]

Rails and Trails – Sharing The Corridor2023-08-07T19:37:35+10:00
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