Building the future of Heritage Rail

The projects undertaken at Cooma Monaro Railway highlight the diversity of our wonderful volunteers and reinforce our goal the develop one of the best heritage railway destinations in the country. While we do have strong focus on the restoration and preservation of trains, there are many more projects underway and planned for the future.

Current Projects


Status: Ongoing

Development of gardens and landscaping around the railway precinct at Cooma. This includes the planting of trees, creation of new gardens, maintaining existing gardens and general beautification of the precinct.

Museum Development

Status: In Progress

Expanding and building on the current museum exhibits to provide visitors with a richer experience by developing a broader history of railways in NSW and further showcasing the story of railways in the Monaro.

Restoration of MBC22959

Status: In Progress

Restoration of NSW Railways timber bodied refrigerated bogie box van MBC22959. Part of a grant of $37,800 from the NSW Government through Transport Heritage NSW. Scheduled for completion in 2023.

Visitor Access

Status: In Progress

Creation of new visitor access pathways and facilities to allow museum visitors to safely explore the yard and provide access to our full fleet of rolling stock, including our CPH Rail Motors and locomotive 3203.

Restoration of L759

Status: Planned

Restoration of NSW Railways four-wheel riveted oil tanker L759. Part of a grant of $37,800 from the NSW Government through Transport Heritage NSW. Scheduled for completion in 2023 (after completion of MBC22959).

Cooma Yard Track Restoration

Status: In Progress

Replacement of sleepers within the Cooma Railway Station to allow the storage of rolling stock and movement of trains around the yard. This project is being driven by our youth members, ‘The Apprentices’.

Railway Institute Building

Status: In Progress

Restoration of the Cooma Railway Institute Building (1953) and original ‘Ant Hill’ surface Tennis Courts (1928) thanks to a grant of $310,000 from the NSW State Government via Transport Heritage NSW.

Snowy Junction Precinct

Status: In Progress

Remediation and development of the Snowy Junction railway precinct, including removal of vegetation, installation of precinct fencing, restoration of passenger platform and general beautification of the grounds.

Main Line Maintenance

Status: In Progress

Removal of vegetation from the railway corridor, replacement of sleepers and general infrastructure repairs to Stage 1 of tourist train operational track between Cooma Station and Snowy Junction

Return to Service – CPH22

Status: In Progress

After sitting idle for almost 10 years, our CPH fleet, starting with No. 22, is being prepared for a return to service with general maintenance, inspection and cleaning in preparation for re-commissioning.

Track Machine Restoration

Status: In Progress

To assist with the ongoing maintenance of our railway, our track work machines are receiving a full overhaul, including repairs to frames, rebuilding drivetrains and a fresh coat of paint to make them stand out.

Signals & Interlocking

Status: In Progress

A group of dedicated volunteers from across the state are actively restoring and repairing the Signal and Interlocking system within Cooma yard. This will be the only complete, operational example in the state.

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