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Project Update | Signals & Interlocking System


During February, we welcomed back our friends from the CMR Signals Branch who travelled from the far corners of the state to continue the restoration work on the Signals and Interlocking System in the Cooma Station precinct. The primary focus for this trip was the replacement of a number of structural timbers that support the steel linkage connecting the components of the interlocking system with the Signal Box, many of which have since rotted away or were no longer strong enough to support the load. These are substantial timbers as they need to be able to support the huge amount [...]

Project Update | Signals & Interlocking System2023-04-27T23:19:42+10:00

Project Update | Signals & Interlocking System


Did you know that the Cooma Railway Precinct will have the only original, fully operational Signal and Interlocking system remaining in NSW? Thanks to our friends from the CMR Signals Branch, we are well on our way to restoring this amazing piece of engineering back to its former glory. For those who aren’t familiar with railway operations, a Signal and Interlocking system is a network of mechanical rodding and cables, operated by levers in the Signal Box that make it physically impossible for a train to receive a signal to proceed until it is safe for them to do so. [...]

Project Update | Signals & Interlocking System2023-04-27T23:44:59+10:00
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