Rails and Trails


Over the past few weeks, many of you have been asking what our position is on the proposed development of a Rail Trail through the Queanbeyan to Bombala rail corridor. As a Heritage Railway that has been a part of the Monaro region for over 30 years, we have always worked hard to support the economic development of the local community by promoting tourism in the region and attracting visitors from across the state. We believe the development of a bike trail through the rail corridor, installed beside the existing track alignment and designed in conjunction with the railway will [...]

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A Total Railway Experience


While the pandemic has disrupted the plans of many organisations across the country, including CMR, our dedicated team have continued to work tirelessly on restoration projects and capital works within the railway precinct but equally as important, we’ve also been putting a lot of energy into planning for the future of the museum. The goal of the Cooma Monaro Railway is to develop a nationally recognised, year-round, destination attraction for the Monaro region, providing visitors with a total heritage railway experience for all ages. We want to ensure that we create an attraction that is both self-sustainable financially and continues [...]

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Sleepers for a greener future


Restoring and maintaining railway infrastructure is a huge task, especially for an entirely volunteer-based workforce. With an average life-span of 10-15 years, the ongoing maintenance of track infrastructure using timber sleepers becomes even more difficult the further down the line you go. By the time you install new sleepers for a whole section, it’s time to go back to the start and replace them all over again (not to mention the recurring cost of new sleepers). While alternative sleeper materials are not a new thing, with both steel and concrete sleepers being used in railways for many years, one Aussie [...]

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