New Arrivals | MB Timber Box Van

Our rolling stock collection continues to grow with the delivery this week of a Steel Framed MB Timber Box Van (MB 22493) from the NSW State Collection. This will be restored for static display and will eventually move into our Rolling Stock Display Shed.

We’re starting to develop quite an interesting heritage goods consist in the yard now. Maybe some time in the future we might be able to see this consist making a photo op trip down the line once more. 📸🤔

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New Arrivals | 🚃 S-Trucks 🚃

It’s always exciting when we get new arrivals in the yard and this month we’ve continued to grow our rolling stock collection with the addition of two more S-Trucks.

S-Trucks were a staple on the railway’s of NSW, carrying almost any type of freight. They were also a common site on goods trains in Cooma, transporting wool and grains as well as supplies for the original Snowy Hydro construction.

These wagons are from the NSW State collection and will be restored by our volunteers at Cooma for display in our museum alongside our existing S-Trucks.

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All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible and will go towards the purchase of materials and services to support the great work of our volunteer team.

New Arrivals

The last few weeks of 2021 were exciting for CMR as we took delivery of more rolling stock from the NSW State Collection. This included two items that will play a pivotal role in the restoration and maintenance of our track infrastructure:

🔹 40ft Bogie Flat Wagon
🔹 MHG Guards Van

While both items will be cosmetically restored and feature in our museum precinct, they will also be restored to operating condition where they will assist our team of volunteers as they work toward getting trains back on the rails in the Monaro once again.

The Flat Wagon will allow lengths of rail to be transported up and down the line as required for repairs to existing track, re-installation of lifted track or installation of new track infrastructure.

The MHG Guards Van will be fitted out as a mobile maintenance support vehicle providing our volunteers with mobile workshop and catering facilities where ever they are working out on the line.

Coupled with our sleeper carrying 4-wheel flat wagons and ballast wagons, our track maintenance rolling stock is almost complete and will allow us to maintain greater sections of line.

Now we just need something to pull it. 🤔 Stay tuned for that one…. 😉

Treasure Transoms

A vital element in bolstering CMR’s return to the rails arrived in the Cooma railway freight yard today.

A heavy haulage trio of trucks has delivered 320 bridge transoms that have been recycled from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, courtesy of the NSW Government, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and Sydney Trains.

The transoms became available as they were being replaced by concrete sleepers on the iconic bridge and will be used to repair or rebuild the culverts and bridges along CMR’s track network both north and south of the yard.

Our priority is to rebuild the culvert that was burnt-out in a 2013 arson attack. The culvert is within the fenced and secure perimeter of the Cooma railway precinct, and its repair will allow CMR to test-run its heritage rail fleet ahead of operations outside of the yard. The repaired culvert will be stronger than before, as we will convert this culvert to a transom top, replacing the old-style ballast top which had fewer strengthening transom structural beams.

CMR is indebted to our supporters, which include local company Monaro Freight who assisted CMR once again with the provision of a forklift and operator to unload and stack the transoms.

We also extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for the donation of the transoms, and for covering the costs of freight to Cooma. We are constantly pleased to have the assistance and support of the NSW Government, TfNSW and Sydney Trains to ensure CMR returns heritage rail operations to the Snowy Monaro region.

For more information on NSW rail operations please see #TfNSW and #sydneytrains