We are extremely excited to announce that NSW Railways Steam Locomotive 3203 will arrive at it’s new home in Cooma on the 10th of May after completing it’s cosmetic restoration in Broadmeadow by Transport Heritage NSW volunteers.

The locomotive will be transported by road from Broadmeadow to Cooma where it will be unloaded by crane and shunted into it’s temporary storage shelter on Goods Road No. 3, on the eastern side of the Goods Shed in Cooma yard.

Our volunteers are eagerly working on preparations for the arrival which includes the establishment of an access path that will allow visitors to the Cooma Monaro Railway Museum to view the locomotive up close. These paths will also be extended to the loco shed, providing visitors with access to our fleet of CPH Railmotors.
This will be the first time a steam locomotive has graced these tracks for almost 35 years, and we are really excited to see this beautiful piece of railway heritage make it’s way down to it’s new home in Cooma.

We would like to thank the NSW Government, Transport for NSW and Transport Heritage NSW for their continued support in developing heritage railways in NSW. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers from Transport Heritage NSW and Cooma Monaro Railway, who have worked so hard to make this possible, from its restoration in Broadmeadow to replacement of sleepers in sidings at Cooma and construction of its temporary shelter.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can watch the arrival of the locomotive in Cooma and when it will be available for viewing.

It’s exciting times for the future of heritage railway in the Monaro and we will have more big announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!