After clearing south of Cooma Station, our vegetation control team have turned their attention to Snowy Junction. The team have begun clearing the precinct around the Snowy Junction platform before they move on to the Railway corridor and make their way back south to Cooma Station.

Located approximately 3.5km north of Cooma Station, Snowy Junction was the site where the former Snowy Mountains Authority sidings joined left the main line for the SMA yard across what is now Polo Flat. Snowy Junction consisted of a Signal Box, passing loop and siding that crossed the road to a second passing loop before making its way to a substantial railway yard where supplies where delivered for the construction of the original Snowy Hydro scheme.

Little remains of the yard at Polo Flat. Remnants of the passing loop and siding can be found in the grass at Snowy Junction (soon to be uncovered) along with the cement walls of culverts beside the road and the smashed up remains of the Signal Box. The original sign from the Snowy Junction Signal Box is currently on display at the Cooma Monaro Railway Museum.

The precinct and platform at Snowy Junction will now be redeveloped as the first destination for the return of tourist trains.
We have some very exciting things in the pipeline (we just can’t announce yet) so if you would like to help bring trains back to the Monaro, please reach out on Facebook or drop us an email at

Our teams of volunteers are working every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. 👍