13 December 2020

Thank You Cooma: The first CMR Fresh Produce Markets have been held, and they were literally a sell-out success!

The inaugural markets drew nearly 900 people to Cooma Railway Station, and the store holders were impressed. Within a couple of hours several had sold out of many items, and the lesson that has been learned is to bring more produce!

Sign of the Times: The Monaro Produce Growers were flush with success at the inaugural CMR Fresh Produce Markets. (CMR photo)

We at CMR appreciate the public response and the public feedback. We hear and understand that there needs to be more farm produce, especially in the way of vegetables, and we at CMR believe the success of the first markets will inspire other producers to take the plunge and join in on our market day. The next market day will commence at 9am on Sunday, 10 January 2021, and new stall holders are welcome to contact our markets coordinator at to arrange a stall position at the markets. Just remember to bring plenty of stock!

Platform People: Monaro residents turned out by the hundreds for the first CMR Fresh Produce Markets. (CMR photo)

The massive effort to prepare the station for the markets has meant that the construction work in the station rooms is nearly complete. While we await the fitting of the gas fireplaces so the mantles can be installed, we are pleased to announce our cabinet maker Anthony has installed the custom-built Booking Office counter and cupboards. This fit-out will allow the booking office to become the station’s reception, ticket sales and refreshment/souvenir sales booth for the operation of the museum. When you consider that earlier this year the Waiting Room and Booking Office were stripped, dilapidated looking shells with no floors, then you will understand just how much has been completed this year.

Fit for Duty: Anthony has installed the new Booking Office Counter which will be central to CMR’s museum operations. (CMR photo)

Over at the Fettlers’ Shed, the guttering fascia has been fitted ahead of the new guttering that will feed into the new rainwater tank that was installed in the last week. The Fettlers’ Shed is an important part of the Permanent Way maintenance infrastructure, where our track maintenance vehicles will be stored and maintained.

A new rainwater tank has been installed at the Fettlers’ Shed. New guttering to feed water into the tank will soon be installed, and of course we will need volunteers to paint the shed. (CMR photo)

There is so much happening at the Cooma Railway Precinct, and in 2021 we will see great strides made in installing and opening the platform-based exhibitions for regular museum operation, and we will also focus on the upgrade of our track infrastructure ahead of making our railmotors operational again. Please contact us at if you would like to play a role in helping CMR create an operating museum.